Just Beginning

So here’s the deal, as mentioned here, with The Skinny Rules as my guidelines, I have completely revamped my whole way of eating. Needless to say, I’ve tried a LOT of new things this week and cooked more this week than I probably have my entire life – or at least it feels like it. Despite the ideas we all have about “health” food, it was all quite yummy.

I ate pesto roasted chicken, grilled steak and asparagus, cobb salad, omelets, and stir fry, all of which I cooked myself. Sounds delicious, right? And, it’s all healthy. Okay, there were a few weird things like the ‘Lean, Mean, Green Drink,’ which was a mixture of berries and greens in liquid form, but even it was pretty tasty (much to my surprise).

I’m just beginning to try all these new things, but I encourage you to try some of them with me. I’ve learned so much already and want to share it all! So, with the encouragement of a friend, I’ve decided to start this blog primarily to share all this amazing food with you, but also to pass along my totally non-expert knowledge. In the posts to come, you’re going to see a lot of delicious and hopefully helpful ideas, so stay tuned!