Preparation is Key!

Life gets ┬ábusy. Trust me, I know! Thus, the lack of blogging recently. The last several weeks have been packed full of things to do, but I’ve learned how important it is to be prepared for the week. Eating healthy and fitting in workouts does take time, which isn’t always abundant. So, here’s what you have to do. Take the available time you do have, and prepare!

Each weekend I plan out my meals for the week, and I make several ahead of time. This way I have lunches and dinners prepared that I can quickly heat meals up when I’m in a time crunch. Even if you can’t cook meals ahead of time, it is still important to plan ahead and have the groceries on hand. You don’t want to start to cook a meal and realize you don’t have the supplies on hand.

Also super helpful – stock the freezer! At all times I have pre-measured servings of meats in the freezer. I have several four ounce servings of chicken wrapped individually in freezer paper. When I’m ready to make a meal with chicken, such as stir fry, I can grab a packet and its ready to cook. I also have turkey meatballs in ┬ámy freezer at almost any given time. I’ll make them ahead of time, and then I can then quickly heat them up to place in whole-wheat spaghetti, combine with vegetables in chicken broth to make a quick soup, or have a couple for a snack. Another thing I like to make ahead of time and freeze are Italian Turkey Burgers. A pound of ground turkey makes 4 patties. These are great pre-made burgers that just take a few minutes to cook in a skillet. (For both the Turkey Meatballs and the Italian Turkey Burgers, I’ll post the recipes soon :)) Also stocked in my freezer is frozen fruit. I love frozen berries. Plus, they last a lot longer in the freezer than the refrigerator. In addition, you can combine with greek yogurt and make a smoothie in a snap.

One more tip – measure out your snack ahead of time so you can grab them on the go. For instance, I really like to eat Quaker Oatmeal Squares. So each time I buy a box, I go ahead and measure out servings and place in Ziploc bags so I have snack packs already made that I can grab on the way to work or school or wherever. It’s helpful for time purposes, and you can make sure you don’t eat more than you’re supposed to, which is easy with snack foods.

Hope these tips help! Recipes to come soon!