What It’s All About

As some of you who know me may already know, I’ve recently made a lot of changes in my life when it comes to health and fitness. And, by making changes I mean I’ve actually started caring about health and fitness. It was never really a part of my life until this summer, but I can already tell the great effects it’s having. I’ve tried all kinds of new workouts, and started running. Running?! Something I’ve never done in my life.

In addition to working out five days a week, I’ve completely revamped my eating habits. A few weeks ago I purchased The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The book basically lays out rules for healthy habits, and then gives you a menu for the first month and a whole set of recipes. (If you can’t tell, it also inspired the title to this blog.) No gimmicks, no diets, just healthy habits to live by.

As a result I am cooking all my own food and making/eating things I never thought I would. Last week I made my own pesto, drank a drink with kale and spinach in it, and I’m shopping for things like . Who does that? I can tell you it’s never been me. Never have I spent so much time cooking, but this new food is not just healthy, it tastes SO much better than all that junk I’ve ate in the past. (Not what you’d think when you hear about a drink with kale and spinach in it.)

This blog is to allow you all to share in these new experiences, and to encourage you to try it too. I’ll include pictures and blurbs about what I’m eating and meal ideas. I promise you, if I can do this, you can too!


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