For That Sweet Tooth Craving

If you all are like me, the one thing you will miss when trying to eat healthy is something sweet. I can’t even tell you how long it had been since I’ve had something chocolate…until this weekend. I saw this recipe on Pinterest and was kind of skeptical, since it’s a “brownie” recipe mainly comprised of dates, but I decided to try it anyway. I was really missing chocolate :) .

Well, it was wonderful. You simply blend dates, cocoa powder, walnuts, and a splash of vanilla in a food processor, roll into balls – and voila! Brownies. Kind of. While not really, truly chocolate, these tasted wonderful. Now maybe it’s just because I haven’t had anything sweet in about a month, but I think they tasted pretty close to real brownies. So, I wanted to share this with y’all for when you, too, are missing a little something sweet. Be careful though – only one or two at a time. Those dates do have sugar in them. Below is the recipe for exact ingredient measurements.

Healthy Sugar-Free Cookies | Triumph Wellness


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